A Manual For Freelance Food Writers: How To Get Better Jobs

New writers who are looking for a career do not always fully realise just how many various paths there are to choose from within the writing field. It is obvious to see the role of the writer in the production of a newspaper or book, but writers are present in practically every type of public viewing activities that have been scripted -- be it political speeches, the morning cartoon marathon, or the evening news. However, the majority of writers find it necessary to do more than one kindof writing! The art of word shaping is employed within an incredible number of job types.

So you are looking to be a food writer? Even this is not as cut and dried as it may seem. Do you want to write recipes? Are you more interested in the restaurant experience? Are you looking to do reviews of specific places, dishes, or recipes? Where you look for better jobs will depend entirely on what you want to do.

Magazine websites

There are numerous magazines dedicated to food. These jobs tend to pay quite well and the bonus is that any articles will have your own name on them. The receive queries on a daily basis so make sure that yours really stands out.


Most newspapers include a home and garden section. While these jobs do not always pay the best, they have huge reader circulation so you will be getting your name out there and you can add any articles you write into your portfolio.

Online job boards

You can find writing jobs on these sites in every topic imaginable, including food. Competition for the jobs can be high, but once you have successfully completed an assignment for a client, they often have plenty more work to send your way. Generally the pay will increase the longer that you are with them working steadily.

Talk to restaurant owners

Talk to the owners of restaurants which you would like to try. Get them to offer a free meal if you write a review that they can submit to newspapers, their website, trade publications, and many others. When you gain a reputation as a fair critic, you will often be paid in dollars as well as food.

Write an eBook

If you have plenty of food related knowledge to share, consider trying your hand at writing an eBook. The final copy can be uploaded for free, and you will keep all of the profits. The book will be written under your name as well, giving you invaluable exposure.

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