A Guide For Freelancers: How To Make Your Writing Business A Profitable One

At the beginning of your freelance writing career you have to ask yourself the first and most important question: do you want to earn money for bare survival, or for a good living? Unfortunately, while everybody would obviously choose the second variant, a lot of young writers still waste their talents working for peanuts.

If you want to get noticeable profit from your efforts it would be wise to follow the recommendations that are given below:

  1. Don’t underestimate yourself.
  2. While there are a lot of freelancers in this market it doesn’t mean that all the good seats are occupied. So there is no need to spend several hours every day writing for content aggregators and bidding sites for a small payment.

    Successful freelancers earn hundreds of dollars per article working for various online publishers. Of course, it is almost impossible to reach such heights right from the start, but accepting too low rates would also be a mistake.

  3. Find your own way.
  4. To become successful, first of all you have to stand out from the crowd. To make this happen you must find a narrow niche. For example, you may write about the topics in which you specialize as a professional.

    Such an approach has many advantages. The number of your competitors will be much smaller. In addition, there won’t be a need to write countless articles a day.

    Eventually you will be able to choose the work with a higher payment. You can begin with searching for a website or online magazine which is linked to your profession.

    Another way to find a niche is to follow the tips of experienced writers who share their advice on different resources such as writing forums.

  5. Take your time.
  6. Looking for better offers and finding your own niche is not a fast way to earn money. So you will have to develop patience in yourself. You must understand that to become successful, sometimes you have to sacrifice immediate earnings for future profit.

  7. Do not chase quantity.
  8. Writing one article of good quality is much more beneficial than spending your time on numerous monotonous articles for bidding websites. First of all, you won’t have to work every single day. Secondly, the amount of money from such articles is immeasurably greater.

Don’t be afraid to spend your time on finding new markets. After a few successful articles you will find yourself more confident. Moreover, eventually you won’t have to look for jobs as they will look for you.

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