Advice For Freelancers To Write And Get Paid

While freelancing writing gigs can leave you stressed out a little, they can also be an excellent way of earning some extra income. In order to succeed as a freelance writer, you have to deliver quality content. Failure to do this will mean that you won’t be hired again to do more gigs. One of the major mistakes that writers make is to finish their articles with a weak ending.

Where to write

There are various freelancing jobs and opportunities that you can take advantage of. You can do freelance writing for magazines, blogs and website owners. You can use the search engines to find freelance writing gigs. There are also sites that post writing gigs such that all you need to do is to create an account and start earning money. Some of the most popular ones include iwriter, Textbroker and Demand studios. However, you must wary of scam sites such as that do not pay writers even after providing content.

Another alternative is to connect with website owners on the freelancing sites such as, and You will need to create an account and choose your category as writing. The downside of these freelancing sites is that you will have to bid for jobs and it can be really difficult for you in the beginning since you will be competing against other experienced writers. With the competition very high on such sites, you will also find the rates to be lower as compared to what sites such as Demand Studios pay.

Writing tips

The secret of succeeding as a freelance writer is to write an excellent piece. Otherwise, if you offer a low quality article, it means that nobody will be ready to read it and you will never be hired again. You will also need to be prepared for a lot of self-discipline as well as money management skills. If you want to make freelance writing your full time job, you must be responsible to your employers, your clients and yourself.

Before you can start accepting writing gigs, you will need to ensure that your financial systems have been set up. You should be regular with your invoicing, accounts reconciliation and tax filling. When it comes to your income, you cannot afford to be sloppy. It can also be helpful to be organized. Have a good writing space that won’t do harm to your posture. Ensure that you have a deadline system in place. Be sure to communicate well and regularly with your clients and avoid taking more than you can handle.

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