How To Get Freelance Magazine Writing Jobs Quickly

One of the goals of many freelance writers is to write for a magazine or newspaper. They want to get their pieces published and strive to accomplish this goal. It is a hard thing to do. Only a handful of writers can write for a magazine. There are a few ways to help get your foot in the door however.

When you are looking to become a magazine writer and want to work on a freelance basis, you have better luck than if you were looking for a permanent position with the magazine. Obviously, your main goal is likely to work permanently with the magazine but by starting out as an independent contractor, you have a better chance because there is less risk involved when using a freelancer. You work on a contract basis, so they could replace you after one article if they had to. It just creates a safer position for the company because they don’t have to hire you right away. Here are some ways to get you set up with one quickly.

  1. Join a freelance site
  2. One of the best ways to start off your freelance business is to join a freelance writing site. It will allow you to start off your business and make sure that you can build a solid client list.

  3. Create a portfolio
  4. Next you should create a portfolio that gives examples of your work. It is an effective way to make sure that you can present to your clients a quality of your work so they know what to expect.

  5. Connect with magazines
  6. You need to get your portfolio in the hands of as many magazines as possible. You should work to make sure that you continually revise your portfolio to show the variety of work that you can do.

  7. Network
  8. You want to try and network to see if you can get a good referral to get into the industry. The more networking that you do, the better off you will be.

You can reach your goal of writing for a magazine but you will have to make sure that you remain focused and be diligent because it isn’t easy. Continually work towards improving your skill and make sure that you contact as many people as possible and let them know of the services that you can provide. If you become a household name, you will have an easier time getting the job.

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