Searching For Paid Freelance Writing Jobs From Home: A Quick Guide

You may be a homemaker or a guy who has enough knowledge but not the energy to seek outside jobs. Worry not for freelance writing has come as glorious option for those who relish the idea of working from home.

Reason and logic

There is reason and logic to it. It demands very little space where you can place your desktop or laptop. You need a smart Internet connection and you are good to go. Yes, you also require knowledge on certain genres on which you may pose as a writer or a blogger.

Well-paying jobs

There are many freelance writing jobs that pay and pay well. You just need to be smart enough to pick and choose from among them. Of course, a lot depends on your capacities as a writer. The great advantage that this vocation offers is flexibility of timing, which may be a necessity, especially for homemakers.

  • Blogger – You can spend a little an open your own blog. You should, in addition, keep an active LinkedIn and Facebook profile to notch up a good network. Write meaningful and relevant blogs and keep updating them. Use the resources and online tools to enhance visibility and ranking for your site. Alternatively, you can join others as a blogger.
  • Translator – Many people want their English papers translated into Spanish or French or vice versa. You will need to be an expert on two or three languages to mint money as a freelancer. You may get enough such jobs on the global online work platform.
  • Creative writer – This is a subjective field. You may be required to write motivational articles, adult stories, short stories, morals; horror stories. You will get enough scope for creativity as a freelancer if you remain awake to the online circuit.
  • Technical writer – This requires thorough expertise on the genre you have chosen. It may be medicine, technology, politics; sports or other fields. You should be thoroughly conversant with the tricks of the trade.
  • Business writer – You may also make money as a creator of business plans. Listen to what the contractor has to say and weave the work accordingly. One essential trait of freelancers is to be a good listener.
  • Hot trends – Provided you have a running relation with the employer, you can convince him to run articles on a chosen hot trend. For instance, energy consciousness is on a high right now. You should do elegant research on the various aspects of the trend to cut catchy articles.

Work from home as a freelancer and smell money. Enjoy!

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