Getting The Best Freelance Content Writing Jobs: Tips For Beginners

It has been said that Rome was not built in a day and when you are getting started in the writing world, as a way to earn a living or make a little extra money, you will have to put the time in and start from the bottom. So when you are getting started in this arena just where do you go first? What are the steps to go from writing product review for ovens and move to writing fun content for a blog, newspaper or website?

Build a sample of your work

To begin in the writing world you must develop a sample of your work that potential clients can review to find out if you are a match. You could develop you own topics and write samples for potential clients to review or you could look for popular topics in the media and write something based on those ideas. No matter what you choose pick a large sample of writing so that you can show potential clients what you are good at writing.

Market yourself to clients

The next step to getting the best content writing jobs is to market yourself to potential clients in the fields where you want to write. In the old days before the internet, that meant you had to send numerous letters to different clients but in today’s electronic world it is much easier to market yourself. Go online and search for blogs, websites and publications in the field of your choice and start there. Send samples of your work to the clients you selected and then follow up to see if there is work available.

Build a client base

The best content work is awarded to established writers so you have to be prepared to write things that are not as much fun in the beginning. Once you are established with a client then you will begin to get the better content assignments and have more choices in what you are going to write. Do not slack off on these assignments or they will never reward you with the best ones.

Working as a content writer is a rewarding job but takes some time to get established, fortunately the electronic age has expedited at least one area of this job and helped to get you more quickly in front of potential clients and getting established as a content writer.

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