Essential Tips On How To Become A Successful Freelance Writer

Following these tips will help you outpace your competitors and have a steady source of freelance work.


The more places you search for gigs, the better the chances you will have work, and lots of it.

  • Do an Internet search, using the keywords (writing gigs, writing markets, legitimate writing jobs). Choose those websites that cater to your specific interests and skills. Join freelance job sites that have ongoing jobs that you can bid on. When you do the search, some of the best ones will appear at the top of the search.
  • Join writing communities, social network writing forums, and writing blogs.
  • Be careful, many sites are not legit. Do an evaluation of the sites by looking at how long they have been in business, and read some of the comments/feedback from some of the writers.
  • Many companies, on and offline, need writers for their websites, case studies, proposals, grants and reports. Contact companies in your local area and send them your resume and samples of your writing to let them know you are available.


Over 65 % of freelance writers have said that having a website has helped them get work.

  • Put a short bio on the site and include some positive comments from those you have done work for.
  • Highlight portions of your best work as samples, but be sure not to put up too much of your work, so that others won’t copy it.
  • List your services and the costs. You may not want to go through the hassle of setting of credit card accounts. Instead, just do payment transactions by using some of the credible online payment sites.
  • Put everything in writing, have contracts for clients and always leave a paper trail.


Choose your writing niche and showcase your writing on your own blog. You can find hosting sites that will set up everything for you.

  • Promote your blog on social media and writing groups/forums that you a member of, and display your best writing on it.
  • After you get a substantial following, encourage your readers to link your blog and website to their websites and other blogs. Use your members as sales people for your writing.


  • Keep up to date and obtain any skills that will make you more marketable, such as search engine optimization, project management marketing, and data mining.

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