An Expert's Advice On How To Start Freelance Writing Online

Are you a person who wishes to do work from anywhere, home or a coffee shop or any other place of your preference, and at the time of your convenience? Then the best job fit for you is freelancing, where you can bid on a project with your terms, talent, and experience. Freelancing means it can be anything from doing administrative work to writing about programming or anything where you would be working to complete the work of some other person, and you will be paid for it.

If you are about to start your career or switch from some other work to freelancing then the first thing you need to look into is your talent. What talent do you have and how can you help people with it? Also, you should consider the fees that you want to be paid to do that work.

And if you want to get into freelance writing, then you need to consider things like what you can write, articles, content writing, copywriting, creative writing, novels, books, resumes, etc. Then, you need to consider the pricing part. Once these both are done, you need to sign up for an account in any of the freelancing websites among:

  • Elance
  • Odesk, now called UpWork
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • People Per Hour

When it comes to these sites, after you sign up you need to set up your profile, verify your account, key in your skills and give relevant tests. You can tell so many things about you, you may even be a person who can give better output than many others out there. But how can you prove that to the client even before you work? How can the client trust you? For this purpose, to be on the upper side, you will have to give tests to show them what you are capable of even before you start your work.

If you are sure that you want to start your career here, initially give more importance to getting a job, completing it on time with good quality and try getting a good feedback from the client. As time passes and as you keep getting good feedbacks, demand for you will increase. And when you keep giving quality articles to your clients, chances are that they can directly contact you for their future works. And one more thing. Never write essays when the client demands about 400 words per article. You can be a bit lengthy but try to be crisp and as to the point as possible.

There are so many websites, and when it comes to writing there are even more. One among the sites that I, myself, have used is iWriter. Same here, quality and deadline matters a lot.

In short, wherever you may write, just remember one thing, the quality of your work is very important. So do some homework, research about the topic, before you start your writing part and after you complete writing, read it completely once or twice and make the desired changes to make it look better. Only after doing this you can submit your writing works to your client. Remember to have a note of timing and deadline, because they are also important.

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