Writing Short Stories: Freelancing Tips For Beginners

Many of the people who aspire to be freelance writers focus their attention on the creation of content in the form of articles. The reason for this is simple: the need for articles is almost infinite and they are fairly simple to compile all they need is to be factual and well written and both the client and the reader will be pleased.

One of the side effects of having so few barriers to entry in the field is that it is overrun with people who drive the prices down. You can spend hours working on a piece and still earn less than you would selling fast food. For this reason it can be more lucrative to branch out into the field of creative writing. Here are a few tips that can help you make that happen:

Read fiction frequently

If you want to write very good short stories, it helps to read works of fiction by other authors who have been very successful. Their style will rub off on you at least a little bit and through the experience you will find yourself gaining potential clients who are fans of the authors you are emulating.

Get a solid understanding of the basics of plot structure

Just as an essay must have an introduction, a conclusion and a body, there are elements that your creative writing while e expected to contain if you want to be able to sell your pieces and make a good profit. There are many books that chronicle these things so you should make use of them where ever they are found.

Serialize your writing

When you write a fresh short story each time, you force readers and clients to get used to a whole new concept which they may not like as much as the work you put out previously. This can be dangerous when you have already established a following. If you release your work in serial form, you can create cliffhangers that cause people to seek out your next piece of work as soon as it’s written just to satisfy their curiosity. With a good enough series of short stories, you can even condense them all to create a single novel eventually. This allows you to re-market them and profit a second time from your work.

This may not be a type of writing that everyone feels draw to but if you are one of the few, you at least know how to get started now.

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