Top 10 Suggestions For Beginners From Experienced Freelance Resume Writers

  1. Get into the habit of writing whenever you can
  2. To help better the quality of your writing, is a good idea to write as often as possible. Whether you’re writing articles that you’re getting paid for, or carrying out stream of consciousness writing, such as journals and diaries, you can boost your skills and learn motivational techniques.

  3. Develop an online presence to help win jobs
  4. Every writer should have some form of online presence to help increase the chances of winning work. Whether you wish to make use of the various social media sites available on the Internet, or you want to start your own blog or website, these are all excellent ways of self-promotion.

  5. Put together a portfolio of work
  6. Once you find a client or job that you would like to work with, it is important you have a portfolio of your work to provide the client so as to demonstrate your expertise both as a writer, and for that particular job.

  7. Make sure your own resume is as good as can be
  8. For some writing jobs, you simply need to write a proposal and wait to see whether or not the client will accept it. However, for many jobs you may need to provide your resume. To give you the best chance of winning the work, it is vital that it is written to the highest possible standard, and should not contain any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

  9. Look for resume writing jobs through freelancing websites
  10. One place to look for work is on a variety of freelance websites. There are a couple of drawbacks to this method though. Firstly, you will have to sift through all the other non-may writing related jobs, and secondly the pay isn’t always ideal.

  11. Finding work via classified ads
  12. You may be able to find work through various classified ads, which can easily be found online. For example, someone may advertise for you to write their resume for them.

  13. Getting private clients as a resume writer
  14. Many freelancers like to source private clients, as private clients often paid more than those found on freelancing websites. However, due to the individual and specific nature of resume writing, this is less easy to do than with other forms of writing.

  15. Use positive feedback to help impress potential clients
  16. Ensure you always do a good job so as to get positive feedback and reviews. You can then use these reviews to impress other customers, so as to help you win more work.

  17. Understand how much you should charge
  18. Work at how much you should charge, it is good idea to research how much other people get paid for the work, and then compare this with how much you how to earn. You then need to combine these figures to come up with an accurate and reasonable amount to charge.

  19. Always carry out work to the best of your ability
  20. Finally, it should go without saying that you should always carry out work to the best of your ability. Not only will this help build up a reputation so as to impress other clients, but you may get repeat work from the client you do the work for as well.

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