A Guide For Freelancers: How To Get Paid For Writing Fiction Online

Fiction is the most interesting form of literary writing because the writer has all the flexibility to go crazy with his ideas or pen down whatever he has thought and accumulated over a certain subject over the period. However, just a while ago, the mainstream magazines stopped publishing fiction and the freelance fiction writers had much to worry about. Even it was difficult to sell your story to less competitive journals and magazines if it was fiction. Thanks, however, to digital media for changing the way we think, read, relate, and buy stuff. With the increased popularity of mobile devices and smaller screens, it is easier for readers to read a story on their phone rather than buying at a physical store and reading the entire novel. Many platforms on the web offer services for newbies and independent writers to self-publish their work and short stories.

You can earn a handsome amount if you have the right target audience for your book or short story on the web. It is more about determining what people need the most. You can figure this out with a cleverly planned strategy that accounts for the most desired questions, words or how-to’s. Remember as a writer, the most important thing you need to have is the right target audience for your work because without it your efforts will be worth less

Determine a niche that sells if you want to earn money through your fiction writing. Not all niches are as popular and earn as much like the top ones. You can find out what do people pay to read and why they prefer this genre or niche. You should also keep in mind that the niche you address meets your own preferences because you have to write about it. For example, you can make parenting your niche if you already are one and vice versa

Collaborate with other freelancers in this industry. The virtual world works a bit different from the real world because to succeed you have to move as a clan. You can join an association of fiction writers or develop good terms with them so that you can have a stronger readership. Try to have your worked featured with prominent authors in this industry and you will definitely earn a good amount of money as well as readers.

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