How To Get Good Short Story Freelance Writing Jobs

If you excel at creative writing, you might want to consider writing for pay. It would be a great thing to be paid for your imagination. There are a number of ways to increase your chance of getting good short story freelance writing jobs.


  • Samples -go ahead and write samples of each of the many different genres of short story, such as mystery, romance, and dystopia among others. If you have published short stories all ready, make sure to include the location and the link if possible.
  • Magazines -many magazines accept unsolicited submissions. And many now use electronic submission forms. Go ahead and submit. Some may not pay you, but getting published is a big step in getting to the point where you are paid. Always list these publications on your resume.
  • Third Party Online Sites -join a third party freelance website. There will be posted jobs and you can bid on the jobs that interest you. You will fill out a profile on your experience and qualifications that interested customers can preview. You will pay the firm a minimal fee and then not have to worry about being paid, as their client will drop an escrow payment for you. This payment will then be released when you finish the job.
  • College Journals -many college journals accept submissions and have contests. Winning a short story contest could open doors for hired work for you. You would not want to enter a large amount of contests, but having this accolade on your resume would be quite impressive.
  • Local Newspapers and Periodicals -local publications like to use local writers. Most of them pay and if the subscribers like you, you could be invited back or asked to submit on a regular basis. Check them for their submission and payment policies, that information should be included on the publication.
  • Your Resume -your resume needs to include a listing of all your publications. You can sort them by category. If you have too many to list, then list the most prestigious ones. You can also include your fees, contact information, and references on your resume. Always attach your resume to your job bids and your submissions for best results. Keep you resume one page long or shorter for best results, too.

Follow these helpful and easy tips as you seek work. Before you know it, you will be getting good freelance short story writing jobs.

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