Looking for Well-Paid Freelance Business Writing Jobs

To get hired in the freelance industry, writers must pick a specific niche to focus on. One of the most lucrative niche areas is in the field of business and finance. Clients in this industry regularly pay $0.10 to $0.30 per word for business writing. To get started in this field, writers should use the following tips.

Get Ready to Start Small

No one is going to pay $100 an hour for a writer who lacks experience. In the beginning, new writers should not expect extremely high rates. During the first few months of business, the writer should focus on developing their profile, creating a portfolio and getting feedback. This time period will help the writer establish their business and set up a reputation as an expert.

Create a Website and an E-Book

Business owners, readers and financial analysts only want to listen to information that has been given by an expert. Since most people do not have the time or money to get a degree from Harvard University, they need an alternative way to become an expert. One of the main ways to do this is to set up a business website and write an e-book. The e-book should be on a niche topic and exhibit excellent research. Through the e-book, the writer may be able to reach out to new clients or garner a continuous revenue stream. The website will also serve as an excellent way to reach out to clients.

Reach Out Directly

Bidding sites and content farms have thousands of writers who are all competing for the same jobs. The increased competition causes the average pay rate on these websites to fall. Instead of dealing with the low pay offered through a writing site, business writers should reach out to prospective clients directly. The writer should make a list of industries that they are knowledgeable about. Afterward, they should write out different companies in each industry. Each company should be sent a query letter proposing blog ideas, articles or press releases.

It may take effort, but sending out proposals directly is the best way to begin commanding a higher rate. A major company can afford to pay a writer what they are worth. Additionally, this technique is more likely to lead to large, ongoing projects. As a rule, writers should send out at least two queries a week. In the beginning, sending 50 or more each week may be necessary.

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