What To Know Searching For Freelance Copywriters' Jobs Online

The internet makes it possible for someone to get a job anywhere in the world without the need for relocation. You can sit in your pyjamas in Alaska and theoretically be working in Berlin. While the easy access to the job market is great in one way, there are a few things that you need to consider when searching for freelance copywriters' jobs online.

Who are you working for?

While you may be able to talk to your new employer on the phone, you are still going on their word as to who they really are. This is a large drawback for many people, especially those who want at least one face to face meeting with their boss. Even though you can hear their voice, and see their face if you use an internet phone service, there is no way to verify who they really are. At least when you walk into your place of employment every day, you are able to see that it physically exists.

How will you get paid?

This is one of the biggest chances you take when working as a freelance copywriter. If you apply to work on private jobs, there is no guarantee that you will be paid. On the other hand, if you get your business from one of the various freelance sites that are out there, you have the protection of having your payment sitting in escrow. A small percentage will go directly to the freelance site, but at least you never have to worry about receiving your money.

Stick with what you know

While it can be tempting to apply for that great job on quantum physics paying .25 cents a word, don't take it unless you know what you are talking about. You can't just "learn" about some topics with a small amount of research. Your client will end up unhappy, you will never get a reference, and you probably won't get paid either. Hold out for the jobs that are in your areas of expertise. While it is great to learn new things, don't make your unsuspecting client the test run.

Full-time or part-time?

Since you are working freelance, you can work as much or as little as you wish. One thing that can never be over-emphasized is not to take on too much at once. Build your client base slowly, rather than taking everything that comes your way. When you accept new clients, make sure you are clear on how much of your time they will require.

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