The Secret To Becoming A Top-Notch Freelance Grant Writer

Not many of the people who aspire to build a freelance writing career know about grant writing. Nevertheless, this niche is one the most lucrative for writers, and one of the most frequently required by clients. Consider this: there are over a million nonprofit organizations in the USA that depend on donations for functioning. And there are thousands of foundations, corporate funding programs, and government initiatives that are looking for a place to make big donations to. The job of a grant writer is to connect the two by creating successful grant proposals.

The persuasiveness of a funding proposal is what will help the organization get the needed finances. With so much at stake, it is clear that good writers are in demand. And the fees for such work are quite high too. If you are new to freelance writing and are seeking for a niche where you can apply your talents, consider the advantages of grant writing:

  1. Great opportunities.
  2. With so many organizations looking for funds, there is no lack of assignments for freelance writers. You will be never left without work once you are known in this niche.

  3. Good pay.
  4. Since very often nonprofits solicit very big sums of money for their projects, the average rate for this kind of writing is higher than for typical freelance texts.

  5. Low entrance requirements.
  6. You are not required to have special certificates or degrees. You just have to be a good writer.

  7. Client loyalty.
  8. When you create your first successful proposal, you will realize that you as a writer are important for the clients, and they value your contribution. Usually the clients prefer to keep working with those they can trust.

  9. You are making a difference!
  10. You help the nonprofit organizations solicit the funds that they need for their good work. Thanks to your winning proposal the organization is able to create new program, and sometimes new jobs for people.

If you have decided to become a grant writer, you can do so following these three simple steps:

  • Become really great at grant writing. Be competent and confident. Start writing for smaller organizations – this will help you get lots of practice.
  • Create a website that will help you sell your services. This will be a great platform to inform prospective clients about what you can offer.
  • Network. Tell everyone what you do. You will find that your best and the most loyal clients will come from referrals.

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