What Are The Average Freelance Medical Writing Rates?

The average freelance medical writing rates are contingent upon many things:

What exactly do you want to write?

Are you interested in drafting web copy for a medical site? Would you prefer writing standard articles on medical topics to be submitted to medical directories? Do you enjoy writing medical copy for presentations or researching in depth new processes to present in a feature article?

Within the world of medical freelance writing the potential is nearly endless. You can write books, articles, feature pieces, web copy, white papers, eBooks, press releases, curriculum, sales copy, sales scripts, product reviews, doctor or product profiles, etc…

How much experience do you have in your niche, if any?

If you already have experience in one of the above items, you will be able to offer that as reason for higher compensation. This is true in the corporate world just as much as it is true in the freelance world. If you have any experience that you can show to a potential client, you will be well on your way to negotiating a higher price for your services. Bear in mind that there are doctors from around the world who might be bidding on your same jobs, which is why you need some form of skill or experience. If you can research topics well or you have a fast turnaround, that might allow you to receive more money even in direct competition with a practicing doctor from India.

Are you a native English speaker?

This is important because medical terminology can be difficult to grasp and much of the medical writing available today requires some level of higher, academic tones and verbiage. If you are not a native English speaker, can you prove that your skills are on par with someone who is? Do you have any English language certificates or test results that you can show?

And finally, what is the length and complexity of the writing?

Many clients will pay a per page, per hour, or per word fee. If you are writing something that is common knowledge and does not require a lot of background research or effort on your part, you might be offered less money compared to a job that requires extensive research on your behalf, wading through dozens of intense medical journals. Look around for what other freelance writers are charging for certain medical writing jobs and compare what they have to offer with what you have to offer to see if you should charge more or less for your services.

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