Where To Find Well-Paid Article Resume Jobs From Home—Tips For Newbies

Those in the writing industry are lucky on one level; there are numerous areas of writing to cover. So there is no set type of writing everyone has to do. It is a lot different to write online versus writing a book or magazine in print. Getting paid to work on writing resumes is something else all on its own. You are going to have to do your “homework” to find out where this work is. So how do you do that?

Having Your Website of Experience Ready to Show off

Here is a couple of ways to get yourself out there as a professional who does this kind of writing.

  • Consider creating a blog or website that shows your writing style and experience.
  • Be ready to apply and give links to your work. Especially when you are newbie getting your name or byline out there. You want potential clients to see what you are capable of creating with someone's information.
  • Show different styles of resume’s that you have the ability to put together.
  • Head to a popular listing that lists community writing jobs specifically geared to writers who focus on resume writing.
  • Include positive feedback/comments on your website/blog to show people how great you are and how easy you are to work with.

Go to a freelance site and register. You don't have to pay to register if you don't want to—right away. But it's a good idea to have another platform to put your professional experience on. A well-known website companies and clients will see what you have to offer those needing someone who can write creatively about people's work history.

You may have to start out with a writing job that doesn't pay as well as you want right away. It likely won't take long to start searching for the higher paying job and getting it. But having the positive feedback doesn't hurt with any job. It will only encourage people to give your service a try. Look for the writing jobs on freelance writing sites. They are there. Or look specifically for them and apply to them like crazy.

Lots of people have a lot of experience in their job field but are horrible at writing a paper showing it. Even a newbie person who writes cleverly is really sought after. People need the service.

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