How To Choose The Right Freelance Writing Websites To Get A Job At

In order to make freelance writing into a career, writers must be able to find high-paying projects. Although getting a project is not extremely difficult, writers may struggle to find a project that pays a fair rate. To find websites and clients, writers should use the following tips.

Content Mills

Every writer needs a backup for slow times. At a content mill, the pay-per-word is generally low. It will not be the writers main source of income, but it is a useful backup plan for slow months. In general, the application process is easy and writers only need to complete a few articles before they are full-fledged members of the site.

Bidding Websites

Like content mills, bidding sites will normally have fairly low pay rates. There are some clients who pay well. These clients know that they need to pay a higher rate to attract and keep the best writers. Although there may only be a few of these clients on a bidding site, they are out there.

Design Query Letters

Writers will be happiest working for a website that they already read. If they are readers of the site, they know the type of articles it accepts and what to expect. To get a job at one of these sites, writers should design a query letter. They should plan on sending query letters to multiple sites because they will most likely receive just a few responses.

Market In-Person

Websites are written and designed by real people. To gain an edge on competing writers, indviduals should consider marketing their skills in person. They could sign up for a conference, a technology event or seminar. Once there, the writer should network with everyone that they meet. Each person is a potential client, so writers should arrive with plenty of business cards and brochures.

Create a Website

To be a freelance writer, individuals must be able to market their skills. Writing is a business like any other, so it requires an individual who knows how to run a business. Creating a personal website is a great way for writers to reach potential clients. These clients will be able to see relevant examples of the writer's work. To make the most of a website, the writer should make sure that they use their best work. They should also make sure that the website is appealing and intuitively designed so that clients can easily navigate through it.

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