The Key To Finding Great Online Freelance Writing Jobs

No matter what people tell you, the world of freelancing is not easy. You need to be different than the crowd to excel. Article writing is a very basic freelance job and many people are working as freelance article writers. However, do you know the names of more than a few freelance writers? Do you know anyone who has earned a fortune through freelancing writing articles? Most probably not, because only a few can make it so far.

If you want to be one of the greatest freelance article writers then there are some subtle things you should keep in mind. If you abide by these rules, you will find the greatest of freelance jobs knocking at your door. You will never have to put up a resume again if you can establish yourself once.


Have some grace in your words, in your work. No matter what you are writing about, you can make it sound better if you have some grace in it. Even if you are selling a dustbin, or a USB cable, do it with some finesse. Never be pushy; never make it sound like you have to give them something. They should believe they need it. They need your article to understand something, and if you are promotional content, then they need whatever you are selling.


Both you and your work must have some character. You should always hold up your end of the bargain, and your work should deliver what it is supposed to deliver.

Give them a little more

Whatever is asked of you, deliver more. Just because you work freelance does not mean you can be irresponsible. Deliver before deadline, not exactly at deadline. Format your article in the best possible way even if it is not explicitly mentioned.

Understand what is required

Understand what the article requires. Read between the lines and be exact in your rendition.

How to get the best jobs

  • Once you are sure of the quality of your work, you need to find the best employer. A few things you should check for in your employer.
  • Where their works are published
  • What is their reputation in the market
  • What kind of work they do
  • Do they pay in time
  • What is the feedback of other freelance writers writing for them
  • How well do they communicate with writers
  • Do they appreciate good work with incentives
  • Check these things and you will never have to look back in life.

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