Where To Find Highly-Paid Full Time Jobs For Freelance Writers

Freelance writing very rewarding and beneficial career choice, one which brings with a great deal of freedoms that cannot be found in other sources of work. However many people who have decided they want to start working as a freelance writer are unsure of where to find highly paid full-time jobs.

The definition of freelance work is such that you provide typically short-term, single service projects. Companies who need something completed on a one-time basis reach out to a writer who then provides the content once. By definition long-term contracts are not regular but they do exist and today more and more people and companies alike are turning to long-term contracts as a form of workplace security in the sense that a company with a long-term contract can regularly outsource work to the same writer and be guaranteed that the quality will remain the same rather than having to hire a new writer each time they need an assignment.

So where can you find highly paid full-time jobs for a freelance writer?

  1. You want to look on third-party platforms. There are two highly ranked platforms which have hundreds of jobs posted each week, many posted on a daily basis. When you sign up for sites such as these you have the ability to review the different information provided by each potential client. Doing this requires that you read a job description where the client will mention whether the job is a short-term job or a long term job. You can also see what the budget is. Some clients have a set budget and they will not pay above that budget. Others are unsure of what the job they require should cost and they are simply posting the job as a way to find out what the different rates are.
  2. When you sign up for these websites you typically have to bid on each job. You can select different membership options which charge different amounts. Each level of membership brings with it a certain number of bids which you can use to bid on different jobs. Many sites allow you to purchase additional bids should you need them. You can save all of your bidding for jobs that explicitly state they are offering a long-term contract. On a daily basis you will find a handful of long-term contracts available. It is up to you to regularly check the sites and to find which long-term contracts best coincide with your skills and your writing style.

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