How Not To Get Scammed Looking For A Freelance Writing Job

Freelance writing jobs have many benefits, such as working from home and flexi-time. However, there are also some pitfalls to be aware of, one of which is being cheated. Below are a few hints to help you avoid being scammed when you are looking for a freelance writing job.

Only work through reputable websites

When you look for freelance writing jobs online, a good way to ensure you don’t get scammed is to make sure you only work through websites with favourable reputations. Decent websites often revoke the membership of dishonest individuals and businesses. They also normally have rating systems that can help you learn about individuals and businesses before you do any work for them.You can find out about different websites’ reputations by doing some reading online and asking other freelancers about their experiences.

Only work for reputable clients

Clients with good reputations are less likely to try to scam you. You are more likely to connect with good clients on decent websites, as reliable clients will also be looking for websites with favourable reputations, so as mentioned above, stick to reputable websites.

Build a group of repeat clients

Avoiding getting cheated can be much easier if you have a group of loyal clients who will provide you with a steady stream of jobs.This way you won’t need to look for as many new jobs from clients you know nothing about. It may take time to build such a group of repeat clients, but it is definitely worth the wait.

Familiarize yourself with some common scams

Spend some time learning about the most common scams to watch out for. Here are some of the most common cons pulled on freelance writers:

  • Clients may ask for a few samplersto see the quality of your work. However, some of these clients simply collect samplers from lots of different writers and use them.
  • Some clients may take your work and not pay you. They will make excuses, delay paying you, or simply disappear without paying you.
  • Other clients ask you to work at discounted rates and promise that they will give you better rates in future, but they never do.

Thankfully there are a number of websites that list the most common types of scams for freelancers to watch out for. Search the Internet for these lists and learn about some more of the cons and how you can avoid them.

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