Help Me Get A Sample Resume For A Freelance Content Writer 5 Places To Check

When you are a content writer it can be difficult to create your own resume and to make it attractive for the potential new clients. Since you are not working for a business you have many roles you need to fulfill. You need to get clients, provide an attractive description for your services, deliver the product arrange the payment and take care of any other detail that might come up on the way. If you do not know how to create a C.V that will leave a good impression, we collected some ideas for you.

  1. Find an interesting template. There are many different types of resumes that you can find on the internet, each one suitable for a different type of services. Do not take the first one that you see; study a few before deciding what which one is more suitable for you. A picture is a must if you want your resume to be complete.
  2. Be creative. No client wants to see just a list with the qualifications and skills. Talk a little bit about what inspired you, but in a professional way. You can mention what other skills you have and what are your goals for the future.
  3. Be honest. If you write in your resume that you can complete a specific job in 2 hours, then it better be like this. It will be obvious right away if you lie and you will lose any chance to be hired again by that client. Every person appreciates honesty and it’s better to have a short list of things that you are very good at, than a long list of things that you can’t do.
  4. Get recommendations from your ex clients and write them in your resume. For sure, some impressive feedback will make you look like a very good professional and it will be a good reason for any person to hire you. Provide their contact details so they can be contacted directly for any future questions.
  5. Provide certifications. When you submit your resume, make sure you provide any kind of certificates you might have on your specialty. If you just finished a course about academic writing, make sure to put the diploma along with your resume. However, do not make this for things that are not related with your work or you might seem too desperate for your employer.

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