8 Simple Rules For Writing A Compelling Freelance CV

What is a CV?

  • The phrase “CV” stands for Curriculum Vitae.
  • The Curriculum Vitae gives a brief history of your working career.
  • The CV assists recruiters and hiring managers with determining what type of job or position best suits a person.
  • The CV also lets the recruiter and hiring manager know what you can do as a potential employee.

How to write the best CV to get the best job?

  • The individual should include all of their contact information like name, phone number, email address, and mailing address.
  • The individual should include information on their educational background including high school, college, graduate, and professional training.
  • The CV should also include knowledge, skills, and abilities of the potential employee.
  • The job candidate should include information on their work experience.
  • The CV should include at least two job references that can attest to the candidates work experience (unpaid work and paid work).

If there are any gaps in the work history section, the candidate should have an explanation for the gap. The Curriculum Vitae should not be longer than two pages. Sometimes it is good to write a personal summary at the beginning of the Vitae to introduce yourself to the hiring manager. It is always good to have your work experience before your education unless you just graduated from college. In that case, it is better to state your education first. It is always good to have a cover letter to highlight the main sections of the curriculum vitae.

Here are 8 simple rules to consider when writing a freelance CV:

  • It is good to highlight the best of your freelance jobs.
  • Should only include jobs that you have worked for at least six months.
  • Should include a list of any published works that you have written as a freelance writer.
  • It is good to have testimonies from satisfied customers in the vitae.
  • If there are any gaps in employment history, just give a simple explanation no more than two to three sentences.
  • It is not good to include any information about possible disabilities unless the disability will interfere with you doing certain tasks for the job.
  • The CV must clearly state your capabilities, knowledge, and skills.
  • The curriculum vitae should be written honestly and no exaggeration of one’s work history and skills.

The best freelance CVs are those that are proofread and checked for possible spelling errors, grammar errors, and errors in sentence structure.

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