A Guide For Freelance Writers: How To Find Jobs That Pay Well For Beginners

For freelance writers, there is a simple motto – Never get out of the learning phase. Starting off as an anonymous writer and yet seek a good remuneration may sound absurd but is actually possible with this genre. Here is how you grab the buck.

Zero in on your strength – Assess what kind of a writer you are; creative, casual; business; compact. This assessment will make it easy for you to either aspire to write for magazines, blogs, journals, business templates; erotica, ghost writing; instructive articles et al. Do not be in a quandary. Keep improving.

Register in a global online work platform – There are a few genuine global online work platforms which have a continual rush of contractors and employers and maintain smooth payment policies. You can register here for free as a freelance writer. Remember to tick the boxes with discretion. Don’t tick genres you are uncomfortable at.

Pass a few tests – There are a few tests to be passed and you should endeavor to do it with flying colors. Keep checking for relevant tests as it will all add to the profile. Make an impacting cover letter and ensure that every requirement has been well covered.

Learn new tricks – If you are willing to learn new tricks, making money would be easier. For instance, if you venture to learn Spanish or French, you will grab many translation works which pay well. Keep working on other genre and read elegant and instructive articles on popular trends voraciously.

Place applications – Show diligence in placing applications. You may have to apply to numerous employers before actually getting a viable one. Most people get depressed midway and abstain from applying. Freelancers should never lose hope.

Be rigid with your payment status – Be inflexible with your payment status. Don’t leave an option for negotiation there. If you have the writing flair, the employer will not find it hard to part with his money.

Work hard on articles – When you get your first freelance assignments in your preferred genre, give it your best shot. Dish out crisp, compact and constructive articles on the subject within the time-frame. Connect with the employer as to how much work you can do per day without a fuss. He may have more work for you in the offing. Collect references and star ratings.

Establish reputation – Gradually establish reputation as an authoritative freelance writer in a particular genre. Your profile, as it gets richer, will highlight your credentials. Of course, this will help your pay packets considerably.

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