Starting Out As A Freelance Writer: 5 Things To Remember

  1. Develop a portfolio as soon as you can
  2. One of the first things that you should think about when you’re starting out as freelance writer is to develop a portfolio of any work that you may have. Even if you only have one of two samples, this can help to demonstrate your style of writing and make it easier to win jobs. You do not necessarily have to include samples that you have been paid to write, but simply any articles or essays that you may have written, including those that have been completed during your education.

  3. What to consider when writing job proposals
  4. When it comes to applying for jobs, you will most likely need to write a job proposal. In order to be as successful as possible, you should address the needs of the client. Many new writers tend to simply list of any achievements that they have, without actually demonstrating their competency to do the work, which ultimately acts as a turnoff for potential clients.

  5. Create a comfortable space to work in
  6. As important as it is to develop your writing skills and find best clients, is also essential that you create a comfortable space to work in. Ideally, if you’re working at home, you will want to have a space set aside that is exclusively used when you are working. It is easy to get distracted when working from home, so by creating your own special space, this helps to separate your work life from your private life. Furthermore, by making it as comfortable as possible, it makes it easier to settle down and concentrate on the work.

  7. Be punctual and efficient with your communication
  8. Once you start winning jobs, it is important that you complete them as punctually as possible - ideally before any deadline. Furthermore, it is highly advisable to communicate with clients frequently with any necessary updates, so as to give the peace of mind that you are capable of doing the work on time, whilst also meeting their requirements.

  9. Think carefully about how much you wish to charge
  10. Finally, you need to think about how much you wish to charge for the work that you do. You may wish to lower your prices initially, so as to develop a reputation. However, you should continuously be aiming to increase your rates once you have established yourself.

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