4 Tools That Can Help You Land Freelance Content Writing Jobs

If writing has always been something that you enjoy, you should think about a freelance writer career. You can determine how much you work and when, and the only opinion that really matter is the one of your customers. But before you start you will need some training and patience, and above all, you will have to work on your skills. No matter if you are starting your own agency, or you just realized that writing is more than a hobby; here are some tools you will find useful.

Check your work for mistakes

If you want your work to be perfect, you have to use a program that will find and point out any mistakes you made. You can be very literate and precise but there is always a chance some mistakes will be unnoticed, so you should use software that will spell check your work. There is software free to use, and you can easily find them online. There are also many that cost some money, but that would be a good investment especially if you are a professional freelance writer.

Plagiarism check

You will lose jobs if you don’t pass plagiarism test that every company nowadays require. Even if you have written your work, there is a chance that some parts of it are very similar to something that has already been posted. You just need to rephrase it, and your work will be perfect, but in order to do so you need to have a tool that can detect plagiarism. Many of those are available on the internet, and you can get them for free.

SEO writing tool

If you are working for a company specialized in SEO, this agency will insist you know a lot about writing standard connected to search engines. If you are not that experienced, and just know the basics, a SEO writing tool can help you perfect your work. You can even contact a professional who can help you, but there are many tools that will not cost you a cent.

Use a preformatted text

If you are having troubles with formatting the text you are working on, use a template that you can find on many public chats and forums for freelance writers. There are also tools that will format your text by established standards, but they will cost you some money, and a fresh freelancer usually doesn’t have that luxury.

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