How To Get The Best Online Freelance Writing Jobs: A Guide For Rookies

If you are a rookie and you want to get the best online freelance writing jobs, follow these tips:

  • Get some experience. Use a site that caters to newcomers to gain experience and exposure. Once you have some samples, register with one of the top two freelance platforms. These sites offer different membership levels, but all of them give you dozens of new jobs listed daily and a great many legal services and financial protection. Use these sites to build a portfolio and connect to new clients.
  • Take some time to really list why you are a suitable person for the job in question, why you want to be a freelance writer, and what you have to offer. You will need to sell yourself, be your own marketing campaign, when you bid on jobs. This is not easy at first. If you are hesitant, remember that everyone else will be saying the same things, and you will never have to deliver this speech in person. Typing it out will become decidedly easier for you with practice.
  • Be flexible in your topics or niches. If you are able to research information on your favourite topic, there is no reason you cannot research information on another topic. If you really want to earn feedback, positive client reviews, and a lot of money, being open to writing about car accessories as well as oil industry heaters and dog grooming techniques, you will find that there are many more jobs available to you. You don’t have to love the topic, just be a good enough writer to cover it.
  • Never be sarcastic, rude, or unprofessional. There are far too many new “freelance writers” on the market today who have limited skills and have never experienced an office job which required a great deal of professional behaviour and communication. Just because you are fresh out of college does not mean you should be excused for unprofessionalism. Do not bully other clients, and do not let them bully you. Be polite, but be firm if someone tries to bully you online or take advantage of you. If they harass you in an inappropriate fashion, report them to the host organization and cancel your contract with them. Find polite ways to deliver your message and couch your terms in such a way that the client does not feel as though you are harassing them. This is especially true if you are using a third party platform where payments are secured and guaranteed.

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