How To Use Freelance Writing Opportunities Properly 

Inexperienced budding freelancers encounter lots of difficulties as soon as they start working from home. It all turns out to be not that rosy as it previously seemed to be. Cutthroat competition, low-paying clients, no answers from employers, too much time spent for search and repeated revisions – and this is not yet a full list of complaints.

Many writers lose their hopes to find decent and permanent freelance jobs, and start looking for something else to make their living. The problem is that they don’t use freelance writing opportunities properly, and make lots of mistakes. Here are some tips that will help you do everything in a right way.

Start searching in your niche.

If you are constantly browsing mass job boards or content mills, it is unlikely that you will come across a well-paying position there. As a rule, it is very difficult to get a job in such places because too many of applicants agree to work for pennies there and they will push you aside. Try to find a job board in your niche instead. For example, if you are writing about money and finances, look through financial job listings.


To succeed, you should always communicate with other freelancers. Your colleagues in the industry are always great sources of information and assistance: they can advise which of the clients are reputable and generous, they can share some lucrative job leads, and, if you are overloaded with work, they can take part of your burden off you.

Look for hidden opportunities.

Think big. You may not only apply for existing job openings, but also offer your freelance writing services to some prospective clients. They may not even suspect that they need your help. Convince them they do. Visit websites of companies working in your area of expertise. If you come across a poorly-written content, or see that a company marketing strategy is obviously ineffective, this is your chance. Write an email and share your ideas on how all drawbacks may be improved and how they will benefit from hiring you.

Believe that you are worth more.

There are millions of lucrative opportunities over there, and you should always ask for more. Do you write for a small local business? Offer your services to a big corporation. Are you a freelance journalist working for an unknown local newspaper? Write a couple of articles for a national publication and let them see your talent. Be persistent, use your opportunities properly, and your freelance writing career will be a success.

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