Where To Look For Well-Paid Online Writing Jobs From Home

If you have the necessary skills of writing and can create engaging and interesting blog posts, it is time to get paid for what you are doing. There are several paid jobs there in the market. It doesn’t matter whether you just need to make a few extra dollars or you can turn your freelance gig into a full-time affair.

Do a thorough background research

While you are doing your research, ensure that your pitch is within the themes and requirement of the blog. You will also need to ensure that the blog has not published a piece that is similar to the idea you have. With each blog having its own pitch as well as submission process, it can never hurt to include your portfolio samples, resume and samples of work you have done earlier.

Keep the pitch of your write-up short and concise

Ensure that your pitch remains simple and crisp. Bear in mind that your primary objective should be to convince the editor that you know your blog well, you have an idea that people can relate with, and that you have the required potential to connect with the readers of the blog and complete your post. Many blogs have simultaneous submissions. However, after pitching a blog and getting a negative response, you should not hesitate to submit the same pitch to another blog. You should not assume that the rejection means that it was a horrible pitch.

Freelance blogging

Another alternative is to be a freelancing blogger. You will need to create your own niche where you will be writing about. It could be on anything from weight loss, travel, cookery or even product reviews. The most important thing is to ensure that you choose a niche that you are knowledgeable about and enjoy writing about. Once you have your own blog, you can start earning through affiliate programs as well as Google AdSense. However, it is important to note that it is not easy to earn a reasonable amount from blogging due to the high competition in the field. The important thing is to write on something that you are passionate about

Content mills

You can find very many articles writing opportunity on the content mills such as iWriter, Textbroker and Demand Studios. While these content mills have very many writing jobs, their downside is that they pay a very low rate. Some sites such as iWriter pay as little at $2.5 per 500 words article for starters. However, these are good points for starting your career as a writer.

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