Freelance Writing: How To Avoid Scam Websites?

When you are new to the concept of freelance writing you may find a ton of websites claiming to provide good information on writing opportunities. In short, there are a few sites freelance writers need to be aware of to avoid being scammed. Some sites may provide false leads or expect you to pay a fee just to view job listings. When you take time early on in your writing career to differentiate legit sources from scams, you can avoid wasting time looking for job leads through bogus websites. Here are tips to help you avoid scam websites.

Do Your Research on Different Types of Freelance Writing Scams

There is an abundance of freelance writing scams you should know about. This can help you avoid scam websites that may promote such tactics. There are different writing blogs and useful websites for freelance writers that provide honest information about how to protect you from scams. Get familiar with warning signs and red flags to look out for such as spelling and grammar errors, lack of detailed information about job opportunities, and asking for money to view postings. You may find a few jobs posted on the site commonly associated with writing scams.

Use Reliable Sources with Reputation of Providing Legitimate Opportunities

Freelance writers have a number of great sources available online offering legit opportunities. A number of these sites have years of experience in providing useful information to freelance writers and telecommuters. They may have social networking pages that give more information on leads and how to improve chances of landing lucrative work opportunities. The content is written and presented in a professional manner and you can contact someone with questions.

Pay Attention to Written Content and How Information Is Displayed

Look for writing errors and get an idea of types of jobs available if they claim to provide job leads. A scam website may present details that are too good to be true. They may claim you can earn a certain amount of money quickly, or claim you need to provide something in exchange for job leads. Legit websites will provide an abundance of information, tips and advice writers can use no matter what level they are in their career. They will also provide updated information on how to avoid getting scammed and what to look for in legit writing opportunites.

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