How To Become A Good Home-Based Part-Time Freelance Writer

Working from home comes with the freedom of time control and essentially being your own boss. It also saves you the hustles of traveling, office space and other outdoor related expenses. You have more hours to work with little stress. These freedoms are however likely to be deceitful. They trick you into complacency leading to reduction in productivity. This will reduce your earnings as a home based part time freelance writer.

How do you improve your productivity as a home based part time freelance writer?

Create a timetable

This requires you to set a definite time to do your work. Based on your full-time hours, identify the time that you will be doing your part-time writing job either in the morning or in the evening. Ensure that you stick to this schedule to guarantee consistency and reliability. It helps you in being disciplined and meeting the targets you have set and those set by your clients. Your friends, relatives and housemates will also not disturb you when you are working. They need to understand the need for that time to remain sacred.

Have a proper work station

Get a desk and a proper working chair as well as designate a work station in your house. It should be free of distraction, spacious and well aerated. Ensure that it does not interfere with the activities of other housemates or family members. An extra room would be ideal in this case. It is easier to control movement and noise levels. This makes your work easier and faster to complete.

Log and Switch Off Distractions

Distractions have mutated beyond the traditional radio and television. They include social media and mobile phones. These gadgets are likely to take up most of your time. The sound of a new message on social media or mobile phone is difficult to ignore. Treat every minute with the sanctity it deserves. You will be in a position to achieve more.

Conduct Regular time Audits

Time audits ensure that you are spending your time productively and it is giving you value. It helps you establish the most productive hours and sessions that are not as productive. In case you find yourself slowing down, it is advisable to change the environment. A reorganization of your work station may prove phenomenal.

Do not forget to take regular breaks and reward your hard work. Use the time to sip your cup of coffee or log into your social media, email or messenger. Be very strict with your work list and schedules.

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