How To Find Part Time Freelance Writing Jobs: 5 Great Suggestions

Freelance writing has come across as an extremely flexible, knowledgeable and viable alternate profession. The greatest thing about the job is that it doesn’t ask for too much; just a system to work on and smart Internet connection. Of course, you need to have good knowledge of the genres you endeavor to cover.

The biggest drawback

The biggest drawback for most aspirants of freelance writing is the insecurity they face about the payment schedule. They feel they may be taken for a ride after having done the hard work. Thankfully, there are genuine avenues to seek part time freelance writing jobs. Here are five of them –

Global online work platforms – They are premier option for a freelance writer. They offer work in almost all genres of freelance writing; even data entry jobs. They work on the premise that the contractors (who will hire) post their demands and the nature of work on the platform and you, as an aspirant, need to apply. The job is yours if you get selected. The payment is either done on a weekly basis or after the work is done and approved.

Writing job sites – There are many sites which connect with a number of clients and pick out work to do. They ask for genuine reliable writers to join their bus; take a few tests and then allot work. The payment arrangement may vary but is on the whole regular.

Paper adverts – There are many who need bloggers for their own sites. They often post adverts on newspaper and promise a healthy fortnightly or monthly payment arrangement for part-time or full-time work. The work, like in other cases, has to be done online, but in this case, the blogger may insist you to work in his office premises.

Individual work collators – There are many who have been in this freelance writing and sharing business for long. They have a solid rapport with clients who have continual work required on numerous blogs. They offer work and genuine payment. Yes, they can ask the writer to cover varied genres.

Facebook – You can post on your Facebook profile that you are a freelance writer and will willingly take part-time job of the kind. Provided you have an active Facebook profile with decent number of visits, chances are that you will soon be approached by someone who needs your services. You can then negotiate the details with him and seal the contract.

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