Tips for Wannabe Freelancer:
How to Get Your First Writing Jobs

So you want to be a freelance writer? Do you have any idea on how to get writing jobs and start making money? Many people that want to start freelancing have no clue where to start. The good news is it is easy to get started. You need to know where to go to find writing jobs and know how to market your skills. These are just a couple of tips mentioned, but the following will provide more insight on what you can do to get your first writing job.

Do your homework on types of freelance writing jobs available. If you want work as a freelance writer you need to know opportunities available and in demand. This not only helps you understand your competition, but also get ideas on how to present yourself when applying. You need to review where the jobs are and what clients are in need of quality copy. In other words, learn where your skills are needed and make your plan from there.

Research websites

Research reputable websites offering good freelance writing job leads. This is where you can begin creating your list of resources for writing jobs. Many of these sites have forums to help get freelancers connected with each other and potential clients. You can find information about good jobs that lead to ongoing work. You can also learn from other freelancers on good jobs to apply for as a new freelancer.

Show Your Experience

  • Have samples lined up to show potential clients your skills and experience. This gives clients good insight of your writing experience and what you are capable of producing. If you have strong areas you enjoy writing about, have these samples ready to show off. It helps to have a good select of samples to review. They should display your writing style, voice and your best qualities as a freelance writer.

  • Know how to pitch your abilities to potential clients (have a proposal, cover letter and resume ready). You know you have writing skills, but you need to convince clients why they should hire you.

Meet Expectations

Know what is expected of you and how you will meet expectations of clients. You don’t want to set the bar too high or you may end up hurting yourself in the end. Have realistic expectations for you and for potential clients. This will help you apply for writing jobs you can complete without getting stressed or pressured.

Be Confident

You will also be able to come across your client with more confidence when responding to a job post. If you have a plan in place to help you apply for work, keep an eye on your progress and know when to make changes to the plan to get better results.

Be Persuasive

You may want to work on a few rough drafts when it comes to pitching to potential clients. Think about reasons why they should hire you. How would you explain this if you could discuss this in person with the client? Why do you think you are the best writer for the job? You will need to do your homework on developing proposals for assignments, especially if this is your first writing project.

Develop A Schedule

Repeat the process! Develop a schedule and/or plan to help you get more work. When you land your first job, pat yourself on the back. Use this as a learning lesson to help you get your next job. Complete the task with confidence and try to get feedback from the client. Use this as a stepping stone to your next writing job.

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