What Are The Benefits Of Having A Remote Freelance Writing & Editing Job

This might sound weird to someone working on a regular job but the world today is a freelance world. The fast pacing digital evolution has made the access easier to all fields of life. With the advent of ecommerce stores, it was a relief for many to cut down on physically travelling to a shopping mall and buying what they needed on the internet. The freelancing trends are far more happening and realistic because every 8 out of 10 people loves to work and can perform better given that no one is standing on his head or passing orders every ten minutes. Some people might argue that remote work does not have the feeling of a community and blocks the creativity required to carry out certain tasks but that has a very strong counter argument. You can even build your community when you work as a remote writer or have a group of friends who write and decide specific days where you meet for a certain time and set your goals together.

The benefits of remote writing from home are almost infinite for someone who has a passion for writing. When you stay at home and get paid for what you love to do, nothing can be more rewarding in this world. Here are top reasons why I chose to be a freelance writer and would make the same choice given a hundred chances

  1. You save running expenses
  2. The best part about remote writing is that you do not have to commute to a workstation every day. You save expenses on gas, transport, lunch, clothes and accessories you wear to work. For people with kids, they might have to hire a nanny or leave their kid to a daycare when they are at a job. You can cut this cost because you will be home now and can manage looking after your kid

  3. You have higher motivation
  4. This is undeniable that the motivation level will boost up if you know you will earn all the profits from this job and do not have to pay any overheads

  5. You earn more
  6. Your income directly relates to the amount of work you do unlike a regular job.

  7. Quality time with your family
  8. Higher flexibility in work hours and projects
  9. Work on more than one project

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