7 Pitfalls You Should Avoid In Your Freelance Career

A freelance career can be a lot of fun. You can work wherever you want at whatever times you want. But, you have to always remember that even though you may be working on your couch in pajamas, you have to always be professional. Stay away from these 7 pitfalls:

  1. Do not take on more than you should-it gets exciting when you have a lot of work. Much work equals nice money, but do not take on so much work that your jobs are not done correctly or they have errors in them. Be smart with your workload.
  2. Do not miss your deadlines-it may not seem like a big deal if you miss your deadline by a few hours, but what you have to remember is that your client has a deadline as well. If you know you cannot deliver in time, you have to talk to the client as soon as possible to see what the solution should be.
  3. Do not underprice –your work should be respected. Do not undervalue yourself in order to get a bunch of jobs. Be realistic and price your work fairly and accordingly.
  4. Do not overprice-you should not overprice yourself either. Asking for too much will mean no jobs. Be smart with your fees.
  5. Never argue with a client-you might want to correct a client or argue with one who is acting unfairly or demanding. Keep in mind that this is a business. Just do as much as you can to please the client, and keep in mind that it is a job and will soon be finished. You do not have to work for that person again if you do not wish to do so.
  6. Do not take work you are not skilled in-stick to taking jobs that you are qualified to do. It seems like a great idea to broaden your skillset, but extra research time to learn a skill will take from writing time. Learn your new skills on your own time, and then you will be qualified.
  7. Don’t forget to include the research time in your fee-the time you spend researching should be factored into the job price. If you take a job for $ 15.00 total pay and you spend three hours researching and one hour writing, you just paid yourself a mere $ 5.00 an hour. Always factor in the research time.

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